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As a responsible gun owner and good citizen, I am concerned with the trends in the media after the Orlando shooting. I feel very bad regarding the events that transpired, but would like to address the tools used. Yes, tools. Bad people will do bad things with the tools that are available. Timothy James McVeigh used a bomb made from chemical farm fertilizer to kill 168 people in Oklahoma in 1995. Even the 9/11 hijackers used box knives and commercial airplanes to murder 2,996 people in 2001. The Boston Marathon bombers used pressure cookers to kill 3 and injure 264 others.

In retrospect, 9,967 Americans were killed in drunk driving accidents during 2014 alone, and I don’t hear anyone calling for the outlawing of motor vehicles or alcohol for that matter.

I am all for appropriate gun control and responsible gun ownership, but it is the same as far as a car or a pocketknife is concerned. Both can kill you or another person if used improperly. There is room for improvement including closing the “Gun Show Loophole”.

I’ve been around the world a time or three, and have seen that the bad ones will use any means necessary to meet their needs. I just need to know that as a US law abiding citizen that I can defend my home with the “tools” I need responsibly.

The number one reason the Japanese chose not to invade the US during WWII was that every citizen was armed and dangerous.  America is now under attack from Extremists and those influenced by them. During the “cold war” days anyone considered a combatant or spy was locked down and not allowed any rights including the right to possess weapons. Today our domestic combatants seem to be unruly Americans with nothing left to turn to. Many are second generation citizens who have lost their way.

Bottom line is that we need to get our bearings, defend ourselves, and turn this around. Instead of being scared and running for cover we should return fire by instilling our children with the pride of our fathers and forefathers. This country has always been great but there has been a vast veil. It is time to stop counting sheep and wake up. America can withstand this endeavor, if only we could all stop watching the news.

As for us, we are well armed, well off, and prepared to defend against any enemy. Foreign and domestic.

BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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