Photoshop Watermarked Proof Tutorial

It’s always a challenge working in the digital world of graphics and design. Most of what I do exists only in the digital realm, and that comes with the obvious problems of how to get paid when what you are creating does not even physically exist. It would be easy enough for the client to just copy the digital “proof” or sample and then use it even if it is of lower image quality than the original.

The answer?

A personalized digital watermark!! And, here”s how I do mine in Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial will show you an easy way to create a quick and effective watermark on your proof images so you can safely share your work in progress with a client and not have to worry (as much).

Here is my source image that I want to send a copy of to a client for approval. And here is what I want to send them as a proof so they can”t just steal my work so far.

Here’s how it works:

1. File < New. choose an image size. I’ll do 200px x 200px. and use the paint bucket to color the background black or any other color but white.. Create a new layer. create your watermark. I’m using the text tool here to create a repeatable template to be used later. In mine, I use the text “” and then rotate it diagonally so that when repeated it will create diagonal lines of text across the final image. You can use anything here including logos, but I recommend keeping it simple and monotone (white) to keep things clean for your proofs while still adding some protection.

2. Now, turn off the background by clicking the “eye” on the background layer. You should now have only your text visible over the blank checkered Photoshop backdrop. 3 . Select – Edit > Define Pattern – and choose a name for the pattern 4. Open the image you wish to watermark, create a new layer, and choose the paint bucket. From the top tool options, change the setting from “foreground” to “pattern” and select the pattern you just made. 5. Use the Paint bucket to fill the layer with your watermark pattern 6. Use the layer transparency option to make your watermark semi-transparent so the image shows through. I like about 25% 7. Use the File > Save for web and Devices – option to flatten the layers and make a copy that is safe to send to your client!!Now, wasn’t that easy? For future use, your watermark pattern is stored in the Adobe Photoshop presets. Make as many as you like and they will always be there when you need them. Quick and easy!!

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