Pokemon Go Chaos – BEWARE

I first started seeing this over the weekend, and found it curious. In the following 36 hours it has turned dangerous. Reports are coming in nationwide in regards to the use and misuse of this mobile app.

Here are the dangers that we have seen so far:

  1. Accidental injury: Many reports of people being injured while chasing Pokemons with their phones and ignoring real dangers like motor vehicles and surrounding foot traffic.
  2. Robbery: Thieves have been using the app as well. Using the app to lay in wait for unsuspecting players and rob them for their cell phones and money. All they have to do is sit and wait at the predetermined coordinates and victims are sure to arrive.
  3. Paedophiles: The worst threat. These guys have the app as well, and know exactly where kids will be arriving and will be there to greet them.

This App is dangerous and not well thought out. If you let your kids use it, they should be supervised extremely well. This world is a very dangerous place, and the predators have figured out how to abuse this app in less than 2 days.  Watch your own, and ditch the Pokemon chase in my humble opinion.

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