Trucks VS Guns

Today the unspeakable happened happened in France, but it was not unexpected. For years, my co-workers and I have discussed the dangers of motor vehicles compared to guns. Guns might be flashy and get you on the news, but a car or truck can take out just as many if not more lives in seconds!! Much less, a permit for a motor vehicle does not require a background check or any type of vetting. It is indeed a dangerous machine that most of us take for granted.

Today, the bad guys figured it out, and the results were horrific. The only thing that stopped them was special forces with……guns.  Just sayin’

It was 9/11 when the terrorists figured out that they could use airplanes against us, and now they have targeted us with motor vehicles.

This isn’t going to stop, and the bad guys will always win as long as we cower in the corners and let them.


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